Mini molten hoops.


These molten hoops have a unique, organic texture. They each have their own individual markings that are unique to the wearer. These hoops, the smallest of the two designs, are a bold, statement piece.


Each pair is lovingly handmade to order. For sterling silver hoops, please allow 4-5 weeks for dispatch. For gold vermeil, please allow 5-6 weeks.


These earrings weigh between 2.2-2.4g each. The larger chunky molten hoops weigh between 5.3-5.6g each. The inside diameter of these hoops is approximately 8.5mm. The width of the hoops is approximately 3mm. Please note, these measurements may vary slightly due to the molten finish.

Handmade Mini Molten Hoops in Recycled Silver or Gold Vermeil

PriceFrom £58.00