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This necklace is made by melting down off-cuts of sterling silver. Each one is different - unique to the wearer. These are made to order and take 2-3 weeks for dispatch.


Stamped with a Northern Star. The Northern Star is a sky marker that helps to determine direction. Its bright glow guides and leads toward a purposeful destination. A symbol for personal growth and hope, its light directs us and helps us to stay on the right path. 'As we look within ourselves, we can seek our own internal compass that can guide us. We can discover and develop the gifts that we already have that can help us move forward as individuals and as a community.' - Jennifer Gamble Theard 


This pendant comes with an 18 or 20 inch chain. In the picture it is being worn on a 20 inch chain.  If you would prefer a longer chain, please get in touch using the 'Contact' form. 

Handmade Recycled Silver Northern Star Necklace