Worry rings are also known as spinner rings or fidget rings. The rings in the middle move so you can spin it when you are anxious or worried. Perfect for those who suffer from anxiety – I find it helps me stop biting my nails!


The base ring is approximately 1cm wide and 1.5mm in thickness. It has a gorgeous hammered finish. 


The two spinning rings measure approximately 1.2mm in thickness, each one with a slightly hammered texture. 


Please note – these rings are made to size and due to the weight of the ring, by law they need to be sent off for hallmarking. See delivery times for details. 

Handmade Sterling Silver Hammered Worry Ring

UK Ring Size
  • To order this item, you need to know your ring size. If you are unsure of your ring size, you can find ring sizers on Amazon for less than £3 (Please make sure it is a UK one!) This is then something you can keep in your jewellery box or give to friends and family!