Made by the wonderful Nuditea!


“The Breakfast of Champions”


Breakfast in the Buff is our take on the traditional Breakfast Tea - made even better. 


We combined high-quality Indian Assam, Sri Lankan Dimbula and Chinese Yunnan Black Tea to bring you a comforting and energising brew, with all the benefits of coffee (energy, focus, mental clarity) and tea (antioxidants, comfort, no jitters). 


Plus, unlike most breakfast blends, we use nothing but the best quality loose leaf tea in ours. Which means no more powdery tea bags for you.


Instead, you get a better brew, with a better taste, that’s better for you.


Perfect for: Anyone looking for a better take on a traditional classic


Caffeine: High

Taste: Malty, Comforting, Smooth

Brew: 100°C, 1-3mins, 1-2 Teaspoons, ±Milk

Ingredients: Indian Assam, Sri Lankan and Chinese Yunnan Black Tea



Nuditea - Breakfast In The Buff Loose Leaf Tea 20g

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