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Chain lengths

Most of my pendants come with either an 18 inch or a 20 inch chain. If you would prefer a different length, please get in touch before purchasing and I will do my best to meet your requirements. 

Please note – this may not be possible with some necklace styles.

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How to choose your chain length?

The fastest way to decide on a chain length is to measure a chain you already wear!

The necklace chart above covers most chain lengths and it will provide you with a rough idea of how a necklace will sit. However, it's important to consider that chains will fit us all slightly different depending on frame shape and size.

16 inches is generally considered a choker, whereas 18 inches is the most popular day-to-day chain length. 

If you have a taller or longer frame, you may want to consider a 20/22 inch chain.

You can also use a piece of string or ribbon to roughly measure where you would like a pendant to sit. However, it is worth noting that pendants usually hang in a V shape, rather than a curve. 

Still not sure what chain length to choose? Please contact us at - chain extenders can be added to lots of chains upon request but please make sure you email us before purchasing.

The beauty of purchasing a piece from JFJ is that all of our eco friendly jewellery is lovingly made to order. This means we can customise it to suit you.

Mindful jewellery, made for you.


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